Newspaper Vases


Newspaper Vases
Glass vases that are created with a mould out of newspaper.

These vases incorporate wet newspaper which traditionally is a common tool used during the glassblowing process.
After several times of blowing the original shape of the molds disappeared. The process allows the creation of a unique series of glass products.

In the first instance the newspaper was made wet and layered in a compact way. Unexpectedly, the several blowings resultedonly in slow and slight changes of shape.
This is a simple and cheap mold which allows the creation of a unique series of glass products.

In the second instance the newspaper was layered more loosely
and had a way more distinctave influ-ence on the products shape. After a certain time the original shape of the mold disappeared and the heated glass cut its way through the burned newspaper.

In collaboration with Glashütte Meisenthal.

Newspaper Vases 01

Newspaper Vases 02