Projekt Frischholz



Projekt Frischholz 

As a result of climate change, hundreds of thousands of trees in Germany have been killed by pests or climatic events such as extreme drought or storms in the recent years.
Our forests are currently weakened by rising temperatures.

But it is not only the forest as an ecosystem that suffers from the drastic changes, but also the associated industry and especially the forest owners are facing major problems.
The sawmills are overloaded and wood prices have fallen dramatically at the same time. The forest owners are forced to store their wood costly and energy-intensive for several years. 

In many places, the wood remains uncontrolled in the forest, which in turn favors the spread of pests.

So what to do with all the damaged wood?

Projekt Frischholz offers the possibility to process locally harvested wood, in its still wet state, with simple manufacturing methods and tools to long-lasting solid wood furniture.

The connection, based on tension, allows the natural transformation of the wood. This eliminates the need for conventional artificial drying of the raw material before it is processed.

The project aims to rethink traditional and industrial processing methods. The result is a new approach to wood processing, which can position itself independently of industry and supports local, independent structures.

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Design: Anna Koppmann
Initiator: AHEC Europe
Images: Igmar Kurth Photographie
Production: Holzfreude
Communication: Neumann Communication
Exhibition: Claudia Banz, Kunstgewerbemuseum