The (un) ordinary chair



The (un)ordinary chair
in collaboration with AHEC Europe

A chair made from American cherry, soft maple and red oak.
This chair flirts with the idea of an archetype to draw attention
to an important topic: supporting a sustainable forest system.

The combination of different types of wood in one piece of furniture is unusual, but forests cannot be healthy and
climate-resistant in the long term if only a few types remain in focus when choosing wood.
With its classic shape, The (un)ordinary chair makes the wood combination appealing for living spaces and thus contributes to the sustainable use of the forest.

This work is part of the group exhibition SLOW, which was initiated by AHEC Europe.

Now on show at Kunstgewerbe Museum Berlin


Design: Anna Koppmann
Initiator: AHEC Europe
Images: Igmar Kurth Photographie
Production: Holzfreude
Communication: Neumann Communication
Exhibition: Claudia Banz, Kunstgewerbemuseum


Exhibition at Kunstgewerbemuseum: 

Workshop impressions: